Principal: Miss. Rajshree Dutta

Near the Eastern edge of Nagpur where idyllic Kapsi pastoral gives way to fields of green  ,nestles our school equipped with modest 2-building campus. Its surrounding evokes vibes of a thriving wisdom of learning with forethought of transformation and vision.

Children of our present era are our future success of human capital, on the world stage, for guiding the destiny of our land. It is the time for the children to make effort, act and perform under safe hands and guidance, be it their teachers or parents. Every school must recognize this to be a high priority service offered by teachers for the upbringing of children. The rapport of our teachers with the students is more of heart than mind.

In the learning process, the greatest treasure of knowledge that teachers give their children are roots and wings. Roots lie in the cold values and self worth. Wings grow acceptance of responsibility which enable our children to fly freely as independent entity and prepares to carry him or her with confidence.

Teachers must realize that with children text book and drillings can never be enforced upon as it won't work. It has to be interactive self help and rightful methods of mentoring by the teachers. Here the children are to be treated as a personified fact that can be appreciated, understood and transformed. 

By 2020 about 450 million people will reach the age 1-19 years in India .Every school requires imparting such value based education to them. It is the teachers to unravel   the mind behind the child, the heart behind the self awareness and the guts behind the glory.

Our institution, a connoisseur of Academia, raised the mantle of student fraternity for many generations and still fosters with renewed forte and values. Every milestone on this odyssey is now a byword of our crowning success in the progress of education.

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