Principal: Mrs. Sheetal Garode

Retrospection: - - - - - - -

It was the year 1982 when I first joined this School. After a thorough interview and demo in the class I was appointed as a teacher for Pre- Primary class by the founder of this branch Shri M.G. Somalwar. It was a School with a handful of Students to the Neeri Premises.


The goal of our School is imparting ‘Quality Education’ with out compromise. Of course it requires strategic planning that suits Our students. Since, we deal with Pre primary and Primary Children, We have a heart to heart contact with them, We have a motto ‘value based Quality education’ For executing the same we here work as a family. The head of our family – The intellectual group of management members are like radars of a big ship, Who tries to direct us constantly. Their endeavors are unparallel. Today, When the Somalwar Education Society has completed ‘100’ long years it is indeed a time to celebrate its ‘Victory’. A victory in which the society is benefited not by routine things which are unexpected. This year (2010) we have the Board topper from our School. I feel it is a blessing from the almighty on the great Occasion Our Education Society has thus build up a reputation, a name or a brand.


My humble prayer to God- to keep it blessed by day and night and every soul working here and studying here to be contended, With All The Best For Future - - - - - -


Contact No. : 0712 - 2282220

"Somalwar primary school is a private, multi-cultural co-educational school, following the pattern of state syllabus in English language. Its primary purpose is to provide a quality education for expatriate children from K.G classes to P.G classes."


Excellence In Education.


To recognize the talent and develop the individual, provide opportunities for students to achieve an all round development.


  • Ensure quality educational experiences.
  • Foster creativity in individuals. 
  • Nurture the talents of each child.
  • Provide enriching co-curricular environment with a strong focus on sports. Encourage exposure to a variety of cultures. 
  • Create an inquisitiveness to acquire continuous wealth of knowledge. 
  • Offer a caring learning environment.
  • Support the development of sound, social and moral values.

About Us

SOMALWAR PRIMARY SCHOOL, NIKALAS BRANCH is an un-aided English medium Co-Educational institute following the pattern of state syllabus. Established in the year 1983 by Somalwar Academy Education Society. Achieving a prestigious status and is being recognized as a symbol of excellence in education in the entire state of Maharashtra. Somalwar Academy Education Society has ten reputed and renowned branches in Nagpur city. 

Way back in 1983, SOMALWAR PRIMARY SCHOOL, NIKALAS BRANCH was founded and nurtured by Shri Manoharrao Somalwar with just a handful of students with pre-primary and primary classes has now grown into a full fledged High School to which Junior College Classes were added in the year in 1995. In 1997 Somalwar Academy Education Society opened the senior college with professional courses - Nikalas Mahila Mahavidyalaya. 

Thus the NIKALAS BRANCH of Somalwar Academy Education Society is unique in having classes right from pre-primary section to the senior college level. 

The strong and solid foundation laid by Shri M. G. Somalwar has been very strong and successful in achieving and experiencing great heights and honors.


The glory of the school is the result of co-operative effort on the part of Management, Head Mistress and Teachers. 

The teachers of the school had collected the students from the nearby slums and started educating them. They had put in tremendous initial hard work and developed the school to the present prestigious level. 

It was the sum total of inspiration with perspiration which blossomed to a reputed Institution.

NIKALAS BRANCH of Somalwar Academy Education Society has come into the lime light of Nagpur and elsewhere because of the outstanding results produced year after year in the S.S.C and H.S.C examination.

Within a short span Nikalas branch has risen to the glory of success and fame that other branches of Somalwar Academy Education Society too have reaped. It has set up a tradition of excellence and is prominent among the leading schools in Maharashtra. 

In SOMALWAR PRIMARY SCHOOL NikalaS BRANCH we try to promote and maintain an altogether different culture which is prevalent outside. We try to create a very conservative atmosphere in the school to promote, this culture is fully supported by the guardians.

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Somalwar English Primary School (Nikalas Branch, Nagpur)